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Handmade Katana Sword With Damascus Steel  Clay Tempered Blade
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Handmade Katana Sword With Damascus Steel Clay Tempered Blade

359.00 USD

  • Full-tang design, clay tempered hamon, damascus steel blade
  • Pu yellow samegawa and brown cord wrapped handle
  • Mix-color saya with premium natural lacquer
  • Copper tsuba with python-theme
Handmade by seasoned sword-smiths.Handmade by seasoned sword-smiths.
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Introducing an unparalleled work of craftsmanship, a handmade full-tang katana that masterfully fuses form and function. Crafted with a Damascus steel blade featuring a real Hamon, a handle adorned with yellow samegawa, a python-themed saya, and a copper tsuba that complements the saya's theme, this katana is a sublime testament to the ancient art of sword-making. It is an exceptional piece designed for both the discerning collector and the martial arts enthusiast.

Key Features:
Damascus Steel Full Tang Blade with Real Hamon:
The blade of this extraordinary katana is made from Damascus steel, celebrated for its durability and ability to maintain a keen edge. The steel is clay tempered, a method that introduces a real Hamon— a visual signature that not only adds beauty but also showcases the intricate heat treatment the blade has undergone. The Damascus patterning and Hamon coalesce to create a blade that is as captivating visually as it is functionally superior.

Brown Cord Handle with Yellow Samegawa:
Adorning the handle are layers of yellow samegawa, or ray skin, which offer a striking aesthetic and tactile uniqueness. The handle is further complemented by brown cord wrapping, meticulously woven to provide both a comfortable grip and a secure handhold during use. The combination of yellow and brown creates an earthy color palette that enhances the sword's overall appearance while upholding its functional integrity.

Black Hardwood Saya with Python Theme:
Setting this katana apart is its unique saya, fashioned from hardwood and coated in premium natural lacquer that takes on a dark, black hue. The saya carries a python theme, a bold design choice that is as visually striking as it is symbolic. The dark backdrop of the lacquer amplifies the theme and adds a layer of elegance and mystery, making the saya a captivating piece of artistry in its own right.

Copper Tsuba with Python Theme:
The tsuba, made of durable copper, echoes the saya's python theme, creating a harmonious visual narrative across the katana. This hand guard serves not just a functional role, protecting the hand during use, but also acts as an aesthetic centerpiece, tying together the themes and elements of the sword. The choice of copper adds an additional layer of durability and lends a warm, luxurious feel to the overall design.

This masterful full-tang katana stands as a brilliant piece of craftsmanship, balancing aesthetics with supreme functionality. Its Damascus steel blade with real Hamon, clay tempering, a handle adorned with yellow samegawa and brown cord, a python-themed saya, and a copper tsuba with matching theme, all come together to form a singular masterpiece. For collectors and enthusiasts alike, this katana symbolizes the epitome of ancient sword-making artistry, modernized with unique thematic elements that make it a truly exceptional piece.
  • Full-tang design, clay tempered hamon, damascus steel blade
  • Pu yellow samegawa and brown cord wrapped handle
  • Mix-color saya with premium natural lacquer
  • Copper tsuba with python-theme
Item NumberTK-JP-G10719
Item Dimensions & Packaging
Dimensions40.6 * 1.3 * 0.3 Inches
Weight2.8 Pounds
Packing Size42.9 x 3.9 x 3.5 Inches
Shipping Weight3.3 Pounds
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